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OM Tech creates beautiful UI/UX designs that win hearts. After all, the design is at the heart of every software product. We have years of experience designing sleek, user-friendly interfaces for apps and websites alike, so we can make your innovative idea stand out.

How UI/UX can become the pillar of your
digital product!

We always make sure that the experiences we craft are not only delightful but also provide maximum value to your users and your business. A process of iterative redesign that aims to make your IT solution the best that it can involve resolving problems and continuously improving them. In our digital transformation process, user experience design is extremely significant. With years of experience, we handle a variety of complexity levels in mobile apps across a variety of business domains and create aesthetically pleasing UI/UX, prototypes, wireframes, and mockups for mobile apps or web projects.

Mobile App Design Matters.

Designing a mobile app involves both the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). We offer a range of top-notch UI and UX design services that meet your clients' ultimate goals and drive their desired sales. With our UI/UX strategies, we create aesthetically pleasing user interfaces and adopt the right approach when creating a mobile app.

Various aspects of the app's design, such as the color scheme, font selection, and button and widget types. Visual components such as buttons, screens, pages, and other visual elements are part of the UI. With a wide range of UX/UI services, OM Tech is the top provider in the industry. To ensure a high number of users and higher profits, we create intuitive and easy-to-navigate mobile applications.

Website Design Matters.

Creating a simple website is not enough; you need the expertise to turn it into a smooth working website. This is where our team of UI/UX experts comes into the picture to ensure flawless design architecture and functionality. You need captivating designs, excellent visuals, and engaging features to attract more visitors to your portal.

In order to impress your users and keep them engaged for as long as possible, we will do everything in our power. We build interactive and responsive websites that are easy to navigate and instantly connect with users. We provide growth-oriented services that match the needs of idea-stage startups and help to evolve already existing businesses.

Design Tools We Are Experts In

At OM Tech, we are experts in all aspects of UI/UX design, including choosing and utilizing the right design tools to help bring your Out-of-Box vision to life.




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Our Smartly Designed UI/UX Design Process

We offer top-notch UI/UX development services. Boost user engagement and increase the eye-catching appearance.

In our process, we analyze and understand requirements, establish the web app and mobile app visions, and set strategic outcomes.

We define user types and user flows and create the visual storyboard based on the user personas.

For meeting business and product brands and trends, we create a matching style guide.

We convert user flows to an appealing UI following the branding.

In order to ensure the design meets the app vision, we analyze the prototyping result to ensure its effectiveness.

Every project is special for us, we deliver a unique and unrivaled design

Got questions?

Well, we’ve got answers.

In collaboration with our partners and team, we make a storyboard, which presents the most comprehensive and customized solution. We prepare the concept for development through functional & technical specification, use cases, user stories, and acceptance criteria. Our goal is to achieve 100% results with 100% client satisfaction.

We define products according to 3 factors: saleability, feasibility, and usability. It is usually the client's industry experience that determines whether a potential product will sell (saleability) and is economically viable (feasibility). We are not just focused on results, we believe that a good UI/UX can speed up the development process by making products more conceptually compact and concise.

Yes! We do code for both.

We do sign an NDA with you. Your ideation and coding details are bound to be safe with the whole team. We work according to your feedback at every stage of the development cycle.