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We will help you to transform your idea into a fully viable product. Every project is special for us, your vision is our mission. By defining the goals and building a roadmap to the best solution.

Let us show you how your business can use emerging technologies to overcome its challenges. We offer a range of connected products and services to create lovable software experiences.

NACS Standard POS Back Office Integration Software

We’ve created a back office solution that is a user-friendly mobile tool, as well as a PC application, that enables CStore managers to manage inventory and pricing effectively. Through the app, managers can quickly look at hourly sale history, providing them with the smart resources they need to make quick decisions about how to best allocate their resources. The result? A more productive and profitable business.

Our app contains multiple models, including: hourly, weekly, and monthly sales history; daily drop counter to avoid error in cash counting; product management system for managing product data; gas inventory and monthly reconciliation of actual sale versus stick reading; order management; instant lottery ticket sale tracking to reduce shortages; and product inventory tracking that tracks variance sale and actual inventory on any given product.
It’s an all-in-one CStore management solution that will totally revolutionize how you approach business moving forward.

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Instant Lottery Tracking Application

Track lottery and inventory instantly by registering your company and monitoring the activity. Scan lotteries right from one screen, selecting if you want to view “counting down” or “counting up” for calculating all tickets sold. After selecting your preference, the feed will be added to your screen so you can easily see how many tickets were sold the first day and so forth. In the summary bar, view how many items you have completed out of your total lottery, as well as monitor the cost of these products. Once done, view a daily report that covers daily ticket sale amount – easily print the report and track shrinkage if any.

Inventory Tracking Application

Start with registering your company and curating your dashboard. Upon first logging in, you will see no items listed for tracking, prompting you to begin tracking the products you want. Just enter the cost and price to start setting up your monitored product, as well as quantity, to more accurately track the product moving forward. Once you add your products and quantity, generate daily reports that provide critical statistic regarding product sales, helping you to adjust your sales outreach moving forward.

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OM Tech is based in the US and is one of the most reputed Custom Software Development Companies. We have been providing a wide range of software development services since 2014 and now we have a highly talented tech team of 50+ employees.

An enterprise mobility solution includes creating mobile apps that satisfy business requirements, solve business challenges, keep employees updated, increase productivity, and boost ROI.

Enterprise products help you disseminate information to your employees in real-time, improve collaboration among them, streamline your business operation, reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure business growth.

Depending on your enterprise needs, we integrate the best features. These features include AI, push notifications, GPS, AR & VR, barcode scanners, Google maps, payment, etc., to improve your mobile app's usability.

We build enterprise apps for almost all major platforms, including iOS, android, web, system applications, and cloud.


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