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OM Tech is a Software Development Company with headquarters in the U.S. and India. We offer top-notch software products and services to our global clients through a team of 50+ highly skilled tech experts. When a business meets technology and its experts, the most innovative IT Solutions come out that you have ever imagined. We are experienced in both product development, which we have done and are doing with multiple of our own products, as well as in custom software development [web and mobile based solutions], throughout which we have recorded dozens of successful collaborations across different products, industries, countries, and customers.

In a nutshell, excellence is in our DNA and creativity is the air we breathe.



Our vision is to develop revolutionary technological tools and IT Solutions that will revolutionize the way businesses operate.



Our mission is to develop high-quality IT solutions by utilizing the latest technologies and delivering end-to-end software solutions to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority before, during, and after all the projects.



We are motivated by the belief that every problem in the world can be solved through our innovative IT Solutions.

What We Do

From ideation and planning to wireframing UX/UI design, web or mobile engineering, testing the product, and deploying, we have this covered from A-Z.

Our Masterpieces

A tech company burning with passion for creating nothing but absolute masterpieces. Let's work together to create another masterpiece.

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A-Z is not what we expect from you. All we need is your software vision to get us started. Looking forward to bringing your software vision to life.

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Specializes In The Development Of World-Class Product Engineering Solutions.