The Vision

StudyM8 Website

Tutors are great, but what happens when there is no suitable tutor in your area and little transparency between the learning plan and what is learned? In the end, it becomes a time-consuming task with little to no added value.

Our partner's idea came about when one of the founder's children needed tutoring at school and found it very tedious to find a suitable tutor. The most common tutors were local, inflexible, and just not a good fit.

To turn the idea into a simple and effective solution, we created an interactive online learning platform where students can get the right training for their studies and tutors can offer their services. The tutoring is done online and face-to-face with the help of an interactive whiteboard, so that students can get more clarity on the subject and get specific guidance on it. Assignments and tests can be administered to ensure the sustainability of what is learned.

Our easy-to-use, anywhere-accessible Learning IT Solution is changing the way students receive quality education and how experienced tutors design and deliver it enjoyably.

Learn how we have simplified the process of finding tutors and booking tutoring for schools, universities, and other levels.

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Our Solution

StudyM8: Your Online Learning Companion

A platform for connecting students, tutors and parents. The IT Solution is designed to give each type of user their own registration and different functions. While the tutor can set up his qualifications and courses, the student can create a simple profile. To secure usage by young children, a parent account has been introduced.

Students can find tutors and book live sessions that can be added to their personal calendar. They can also access and manage their past, live and upcoming sessions with tutors. In addition, they can submit reviews and fill out assessments. The platform acts as an intermediary and withholds payments until the tutor completes the season.

Parents can add a child, view and manage their profile, organize sessions, and view sessions specific to a child. To book a tutoring session for a specific child, parents can search for tutors online or create a specific search request for a tutor by specifying their needs.

Tutors can manage their courses and requests, their availability and payments, and create assessments for their students. By using interactive whiteboards in a video conference, tutors can conduct live sessions with students in an intuitive way. Providing and reviewing common assessments can ensure the effectiveness of the course.

The administrator can approve the tutor's profile by checking all personal details, work experience, academic qualifications and other information. They can also manage schools, universities, subjects, tutors, transactions, parents, students and sessions while getting a variety of analytics metrics for each period.

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Main Features


Student, Tutor, and Parent Profile Management

StudyM8 allows students, tutors, and parents to easily login using Google and Facebook log-ins.


The tutor can fill in basic information such as country code, date of birth, and time zone along with work experience. In StudyM8, tutors can add different subject areas to their experience for providing teaching service.

Tutors can also upload their degrees and certificates, as well as information about their education and qualifications. After setting-up, the registration the profile will be verified by the platform to secure a high-quality service. On the platform, tutors can set and manage thier tutoring topics, prices, and durations. They can also upload videos, study materials, and URLs.

Students and Parents

A dashboard displays upcoming sessions and remaining assessments once students and parents successfully login to their profiles, they can submit basic information. Students and parents can find the best tutor for their studies on StudyM8.

It is easy for students and parents to book tutor sessions online and make payments by credit card or stripe payment.

Parents can view their child's upcoming sessions and assessments. In addition, they can view the tutors, apply a filter for their children, check all the details, add the children, and manage feedbacks.


Book a Session

Tutors can be easily found and booked online. Booking a session is as easy as tapping a few buttons.

A wide range of tutoring subjects can be found for students, including mathematics, English, biology, economics, commerce, computer studies, design, writing, economics, reading, etc.

It is possible for parents and students to cancel scheduled sessions before it starts. In addition to chatting with tutors, students can mark the tutor as their favorite, join sessions, and provide feedback/ratings. Moreover, they can view the full tutor profile, and check details such as experience, conducted sessions, and reviews.


Access Live Sessions

Students/parents can view the tutor's confirmed daily, weekly, and monthly sessions in the calendar and get notified when they begin, and they can join the whiteboard session.

Students/parents and tutors can easily share documents, videos, and PPTs during sessions with a whiteboard. Additionally, they are allowed to share live assessments.


Student Assessments

Student and parents' dashboards show them all of today's sessions and their pending and submitted assessments. The status of the assessment can be seen, which includes whether it is open, passed, or failed.

Feature Overview

User registration and profile management
Tutor searching and session booking
Online whiteboard
Rating and review
Tutor Verification Process
Payment Gateway
API development and server
Infrastructure set up
Admin panel

Tech Stack

We are listening to our customers and thrive to cover all open questions and demystify software development processes and technologies behind it. Enjoy exploring some of the topics in our blog categories below.

Laravel 8.65

In this project, Laravel 8.65 was used. This version of Laravel 8.65 adds the ability to generate testing files during the make command, a string headline method, and the latest changes in the v8.x branch. With this, it is possible to build a web app that will run on 6 different platforms simultaneously. These include Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and iOS.


Backend development was done using Laravel 8.65, which allows easy editing and uploading of content. MySQL DB is designed for high-performance applications, with full-text indexes and memory caches to enhance performance. API logic was created to call data from the server to the user, including tutor sessions, offline video lessons, and other study resource.

Social Login

User access to website functionality is made easier with social APIs, which return the relevant authority. StudyM8 integrates social logins into its website so users do not have to fill out excessive credentials and can bypass cumbersome registration processes.

Stripe Payment APIs

In order to protect users' transactions from current and future security threats, we integrated Stripe payment. Stripe payment offers automatic authentication handling and strong customer authentication (SCA) without double charges, as well as idempotency key issues.

Firebase push notification

Firebase cloud messaging is a free cross-platform messaging service that lets you send messages reliably. We have integrated firebase push notifications in order to remind users about upcoming sessions, payments, and live sessions.


The integration of LearnCube makes learning easy and accessible to everyone. LearnCube API is integrated with Virtual Classroom to provide users with video/audio, chat, whiteboard, library, and data/insights. More than 400 million live online education minutes have been delivered by LearnCube.

Google Calendar

We integrated Google Calendar API, a RESTful API accessible through HTTP calls or Google Client Libraries. This API exposes most of the features available in the Google Calendar Web interface. An event on a calendar that includes information such as its title, start and end times, and attendees. It triggers both single and recurring events.

Microsoft Calendar

We integrated the Microsoft Calendar API, which enables users to schedule meetings at specific locations, invite attendees, and update meeting information. APIs for the Outlook Calendar can be easily integrated into platforms and applications.


Biggest Challenge And Our Journey Of Overcoming

For the first time, we have integrated LearnCube by: Understanding what we require to provide a good tutoring experience, Researching about 3rd party tools that provide matching results, and Evaluating the best option and present result to partner. Afterwards, I decided to use LearnCube and studied the integration documentation. Tested it on the testing environment after implementing it. During the white board integration, we encountered a problem which was solved together with LearningCube's support team.

Special Moment

Most Special Moment In Our Journey

Integration of LearnCube is the most special functionality/step in the journey of developing StudyM8 because it allows students to connect with tutors in real time via a virtual classroom. This virtual classroom or virtual whiteboard replicates the experience of a traditional face-to-face classroom, allowing tutors to share their screens with students, making it easy to explain concepts and provide feedback.

Additionally, another special topic was the well-designed e-tutoring ecosystem that allows parents to give their children access to the platform and control critical parts, such as payments, sessions, etc.