The Vision

Kix Ride Application

Do you know how much time you spend driving your kids around? Parents are spending more and more time driving their kids around as they grow, so it is no surprise that parents often find themselves in a Catch-22: you can't be wherever your child needs to go because there are not enough hours for all of these things like driving children to school, clubs, sports practices, birthday parties, and playdates.

The idea was to help parents get their children where they need to go and to increase employment opportunities for drivers. In order to accomplish this, a reasonable, safe, and licensed transportation service was needed for children. The solution should offer flexible scheduling so that drivers can work as little or as much as they want.

We transformed the idea into a hassle-free solution for parents and drivers. Through our easy-to-use, affordable, and accessible transportation solution, we revolutionize how children get from one place to another. Parents can book their kid's transportation services online, track their kid's rides in real-time, and share the journey with families!

Our team of goal-getters has built the idea into an amazing digital transportation solution that helps parents to drive their kids wherever they want. Let's explore how our beliefs and hard work make parents happy-go-lucky.

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Our Solution

Kids transport made easy and safe with Kix Ride

Putting parents in touch with the most trusted and secure child transportation services, we split the solutions into two apps to provide an intuitive user interface. Using Kix Ride and Kix Ride Driver app, you can easily register and login into the app, parents, as well as drivers, can easily manage their profile.

The Kix Ride App is the most convenient way for parents to book a safe ride for their kids. It allows them to track the ride, share the ride with friends and family, and pay securely for the service. You can also view past and upcoming rides. Parents can connect with a driver via live chat and phone call in order to get real-time updates. Additionally, you can access instant notifications, secure payments, location tracking, joining Kix groups, ratings, and reviews.

By using the Kix Ride Driver App, you as a driver can accept or decline ride requests from parents. You can also keep track of your earnings and how many rides you have completed. Moreover, you can choose your working hours according to your preferences. With street view mode, drivers can easily navigate the destination path and have the most enjoyable ride experience.

Through the digital software solution, you can book, track, and pay for the safety of your kids. Take a peek at our innovative product journey.

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Main Features


Flexible Ride Scheduling

By using Kix Ride, parents can book services for their kids - Ride-sharing services that offer flexible ride scheduling time.

With the Kix Ride App, users can always rely on safe and on-time transportation for kids for school, after-school activities, afternoon play dates with friends, events, or reliable childcare for their family.

To schedule a ride, parents just need to add kids information's once, and It enables to book driver anytime. Parents can browse nearby local drivers. After then they can select any of them and book the ride. As soon as the user schedules a ride, the request status is displayed as 'open ride'. When the driver accepts the request, the ride status becomes confirmed. A driver and user can start communicating with each other at the same time. As the ride initiates, Users can track their child's ride on the Google map. If user is not available to track the ride then they can share ride with other Kix users to track.


GPS tracking, Maps, & Route

With the Kix Ride App, the user can feel connected with the service of real-time tracking. In such a way, it benefits both parents and drivers since the parents will be able to see exactly how many minutes the drives will take to arrive, and the driver will also know where to pick up their children.

On the admin side, ride tracking can be done via tracking view. The tracking view shows all the details about the ride such as pick up time, distance between pick up and drop of location, ride status, total kids, price, driver name, route on map, etc.



Kix Ride provides an easy payment gateway. By using PayPal payment gateways, the app becomes more fascinating and solves the issue of cash payment and money change. Users can pay by credit card or e-wallet online.

Payment integration has synced Kix Ride and Kix Ride Driver App. In addition to the payment process being trustworthy and secure, it allows users to provide ratings and feedbacks to drivers.


Ride History

Kix Ride App shows a detailed list of all rides such as upcoming rides and completed rides. Completed rides provide a summary of rides that are already completed, while upcoming rides provide a summary of rides that are going to execute in a near future.

A filtering feature has been implemented that enables users to easily find the rides they want to see.


Rides Management

The Kix Ride Driver App helps parents find ride requests that match their needs. Drivers are flexible to accept/deny the ride requests. App offers easy access and management of upcoming and completed rides.

The user can view the total number of completed rides as well as the number of upcoming rides, which are being approved by the driver and will be executed in the near future.

Each new ride request is notified to the drivers. Moreover, they can apply filters on upcoming or completed rides to view the details of a particular ride.


Mandatory Certification Process

The creation of a detailed and secure identity validation process for drivers will ensure that kids are only riding with responsible drivers. At initial, the user requires to upload the insurance and license documents of the vehicle. After proper authentication, the driver will get an update about the acceptance or rejection of uploaded documents.

Kix ride only grants access to those users whose insurance and license documents are appropriate and legal.


Location Tracking

After accepting the ride requests, the driver can start the trip. As soon as driver clicks on the start trip button, it enables ride tracking. Location button click event generates route of a ride and shows that on map.

Kix Ride Driver App supports real-time location tracking in the app. As a result, it delivers a seamless and world-class mapping experience to drivers and makes it easier to do their job.

The driver can track routes and improve pickups and drop-offs. It can translate to more rides and happier customers.


Extended Messanger and Call Service

As soon as the driver accepts the ride request, features such as call, massage, and location will get activated.

The driver and parents can start to chat with each other until the ride begins.

Direct communication with the driver ensures a complete safe ride for kids.

Feature Overview

User registration and profile
Driver profile management
Vehicle set-up and updating
Rides management
Accept/deny user request
Reservation of driver and sitter
Invite users and share rides
Kids profile updating

Tech Stack

We are listening to our customers and thrive to cover all open questions and demystify software development processes and technologies behind it. Enjoy exploring some of the topics in our blog categories below.

Native Development Android (Java), iOS (Swift)

Native App Development is the creation of software programs that run on specific devices and platforms. You can build beautiful native apps for target devices-smartphones.

Back-end framework, Logic, Server

In the back-end, Core PHP was used. Core PHP is a simple, bare-bones PHP programming language. Getting it up and running is easy, and it does not need additional libraries to run. A MySQL database was used. It provides a well-defined storage-engine framework that enables administrators to configure the MySQL database server for flawless performance. Backend logic and APIs were developed to call the data of scheduling a ride, pickup, and drop-off locations, Google maps APIs, GPS tracking, licenses, insurance documents, payment information, and GPS tracking, as well as requests from nearby locations, and data from the server-to-client interface.

Stripe payment gateway

The stripe has an API that can handle complex payment flow. We integrated the stripe payment for automatic authentication handling, no double charges or idempotency key issues. Strong customer's security and privacy are guaranteed with our secure API that handles complex transactions in a professional way!

Google maps

With Google Maps APIs integrations, we have been able to provide our clients with real-time location extracts and show them where they're going in addition to showing the origin or destination. This is all done through an easy map interface that you can view on any device!

Google place API

The Google Places APIs make it easy to get accurate and reliable information about a place. The integration of this API with the Geolocalization system gives us real-time tracking through GPS, as well as an autocomplete function that makes reaching your destination easier than ever before!

Social logins

With the help of social login APIs, signing up has become easy and frictionless. The API returns relevant authority to allow users access app functionality without any hassle! We integrated Facebook logins so that users can seamlessly enjoy all the services with ease.

Firebase push notification

Firebase cloud messaging is a simple solution for notifying the user base of important events and updates. To accomplish this, we integrate firebase push notifications into our product as well so that users know when something has changed or new content is available in Kix Ride App!

FSCalendar Pod

FSCalendar Pod is a fully customizable and open-source iOS calendar library, compatible with Objective-C and Swift. We have used this 3rd party calendar library as It supports horizontal, portrait sliding mode, and other functions.

Admin panel

We developed an admin panel for the Kix Ride App that allows admins to view and edit real-time data, get insight into the information collected about their riders as well as to detect any bugs in the system. Admins can export documents for invoicing purposes; plus graphs give them a more detailed overview across different periods like monthly cost per mile traveled and solve the users quarries.


Biggest Challenge And Our Journey Of Overcoming

We have faced challenges while choosing the best payment gateway for Kix Ride App. A secure and authenticated payment gateway is not as easy to obtain as one might feel. So, It was essential to include all the necessary aspects in mind while working on securing the Kix Ride App for the customers.

To overcome the challenge; our development team worked on different APIs to ensure that the stripe payment gateway is safe for both types of users - Parents & Drivers. We used highly secure APIs to ensure that encryption is safe for all users for the app development.

Another challenge we had faced was to structure the application flow. An application had to be extremely well designed and structured as it has two different sets of users. Also, it had to be fast and smooth.

After frequent meetings with the client and development team, we were able to make a perfect flow for both types of users. As a result, we had developed one app for Kix Ride users, and another for Kix Ride drivers. Also, we gave the admin all the necessary features and functionalities to easily operate and manage the application from the back end.

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Special Moment

Most Special Moment In Our Journey

The most special step was testing the application.

While the development of Kix Ride, we had a good collaboration with the client. The application was tested live to ensure all the features and functionalities are working properly and to check whether or not it had a good performance. After a live test, the client used to give us feedback from users, and drivers then we had analyzed it and fixed it If anything needed to be updated.

As well, it was very special to make the application functions as easy as possible. Users can share their rides with other Kix users to track them. This was an interesting experience that taught us a lot.

The implementation of all functions as well as the extended testing and simulation of the processes was very instructive and valuable for us and all further projects.

We supported our client through every stage of the Kix Ride project - from ideation to launching the platform. Our team was very grateful for the opportunity to support small businesses and create this online platform where people can connect with experts in the beauty industry and root for their favorite gems. We'd like to hear your thoughts.

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