The Vision

Schwungfit App

Exercise is essential for maintaining health and fitness throughout life. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, people could not go to the gym, go outside, or hire a trainer to maintain fitness.

Our partner was selling Hula Hoop Tires. And during the Corona, they were thinking about a USP to sell the tires digitally and uniquely so that fitness lovers can do exercises at home and stay in a shape. Our partner aimed to keep people healthy by combining their product, a hula hoop, with a platform that would allow you to exercise and monitor your fitness progress.

As a result of a partner's idea, we developed a comprehensive IT solution to link their product Hula Hoop. There are a large number of videos recorded to demonstrate different exercises for users of different fitness levels to have fun with the product at home. In addition, you can track your fitness exercise progress by using the app. With their Hula Hoop Tire and specially designed mobile app, they motivate and help you stay healthy.

As a 360° Software Development Partner, our team of goal-getters works constantly to provide out-of-the-box solutions to our global partners. Find out how you can lead a fit life and get in amazing shape with our at-home exercise fitness digital solution.

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Our Solution

Schwungfit - Fitness Tracking-In-Your-Pocket

Schwungfit helps fitness-conscious people learn about exercise equipment, guides them on how to use it, and lets them track fitness goals and improve fitness levels.

The application is available in a guest mode, which enables you to view all the features, but you must register and subscribe to them to use them. When you subscribe to Schwungfit, you'll have access to time-based workout routines, videos, exercise statistics, and a stopwatch to keep track of your workout.

Schwungfit gives you a simple way to start exercising. Choose your level for the exercise based on whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. Burn calories with fat-burning workouts and combine them with high-intensity workouts.

You can set your fitness goals and constantly be aware of your progress through the progress graph. Enter your weight, height, age, and other details to find fat-burning workouts & hit workouts for a better body shape. Schwungfit lets you achieve your fitness goals conveniently. Videos and a timer make it easy to follow along and understand each exercise.

Let’s use your energy in the right way with Schwungfit. See how our handcrafted solution keeps thousands of people fit every day.

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Main Features


Profile creating and login

To see how the application works, users can log in as a guest. Guest mode allows users to take a tour of application features. Users can log in to Schwungfit using social login. If users wish to use all the features of the application, they need to enter a code, and that code they receive either by buying the Hula-Hoop Tire or by just buying the code on the website.

Users are required to provide details like their weight, height, and age. Users can choose an exercise level based on whether they're beginners, intermediates, or experts.


Workout program

Whether the user is a beginner or an experienced athlete, they can access each level's workout session once logged in.

Using the Schwungfit App users can access beginner sessions if they are beginners. If they are not beginners, they can begin with intermediate sessions. If they are a trainer or professionals, they can access the expert level.

Users can find videos, exercise durations, and how many calories they will burn during an exercise. They can start watching videos on a small screen or on the full screen. And also, it offers easy workout logging.


Progress tracking

A user can check their progress level after taking the correct exercise instruction. They will be able to track weight, waist, belly, and thighs.

To see their daily progress, they must enter their current weight and their goal. On the graph, they can see their daily progress. Users can check how much progress they have made, their current weight, and their goals. Eventually, they can view the changes since the program began, when it will be completed and when you will reach your goal continues the pace.

The user can view the dates, values, and changes of all past logs, as well as delete them. Along with tracking weight, they can also keep track of belly, waist, and thigh exercise details.



This application provides an interactive stopwatch to make exercising easy and efficient. Since the stopwatch and exercise video can be viewed at the same time in the application, the user does not have to leave the app and miss their workout. Also, the user does not need to note down exercise logs like date, time, exercise name, etc. during exercise. The Schwungfit App creates the exercise log automatically in the application and that way they can keep a record of their exercise activity.

Upon selection of the exercise program, they will be able to see the video and time duration of the exercise, as well as the calories it will burn. The exercise can be started, snoozed, and ended. Also, they can switch exercises in between.

Feature Overview

User profile management
Workout program management
Fitness goals and progress overview
APIs development and server
Infrastructure set up

Tech Stack

We are listening to our customers and thrive to cover all open questions and demystify software development processes and technologies behind it. Enjoy exploring some of the topics in our blog categories below.

Cross-platform development flutter (Dart)

Flutter apps are written in Dart. Dart is an open-source and free language. Flutter contains more app-specific libraries, including widgets, materials, and Cupertino. With this, it is possible to build an application that will run on 6 different platforms simultaneously. These include Android, iOS, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Back-end framework, Logic, Server

We used Firebase’s real-time database to develop the back-end of the Schwungfit App. Firebase database allows secure access to databases directly from client-side code, thus enabling collaborative applications. Users' data is stored locally, and even when they are offline, real-time events continue to fire, giving them a responsive experience. To call the data from the firebase to the end-users, we created the backend logic and APIs. The videos, user authentication, and information can all be called from Firebase DB.

Social Login

The integration of social sign-in enables users to log on to third-party applications without creating a separate account for each application. They simply use their existing facebook, google, or other social network login information to log on. To eliminate the need for new accounts, we have integrated facebook and google logins.


Biggest Challenge And Our Journey Of Overcoming

In Schwungfit App, one of the most difficult tasks was to create a timer that could be started, stopped, paused, and resumed smoothly. In addition, the timer needed to run in the background so that users could continue using the application while it was running.

To overcome this challenge, we used a change provider for the countdown of timer and progress bar to run in the background. This allowed us to keep track of time and progress without interrupting user activity. While this solution worked well, it was still a challenge to make sure all functions ran smoothly. There were many potential points of failure, but with careful testing, we were able to overcome these issues.

Another challenge we faced was displaying the workout result overview.

It was difficult to get the start, goal, and current value of each workout category while it should also be displayed on the graph at the same time during the workout category setup.

We had resolved this challenge by using flutter_boc dependency.

We value the learnings and lessons learned more than just overcoming challenges. It was fun learning in the process of solving a problem.

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Special Moment

Most Special Moment In Our Journey

The Schwungfit App is a great way to keep track of your fitness goals and progress. But what makes it really special, unique from other apps out on the market! - The idea to connect the exercise tool “Hula-Hoop Tire” with the own app that is connecting training videos for different skill levels, a progress tracker to motivate us to keep track while we are locked at home and train, track and learn at the same time without using another app.

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you.

"Do not forget to shake your body not only for fun but also to stay healthy! Let’s make this possible together by offering a fitness/exercise application with next-generation features to stay fit and healthy."